Our GIS Consultants are accredited by the French General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) (pilots and equipment). We are working on the production of light airborne data from piloted drone (UVA). The advantage of drones is to allow to intervene on any site with great reactivity and very low cost (compared to an airplane).

  • Orthophotography

  • 3D / Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

  • Structural inspection

  • Territory Development / Town planning

  • climate impact.

  • Erosion monitoring

  • Sediment transport

  • Environemental quality monitoring

  • Handling and comparison of the signal data

Our GIS Consultants carry out classic aerial photography campaigns using computer-automated trajectories for 80% overlap rates and a ground resolution of 2 to 10 cm per pixel (depending on the flight attitude, the sensor resolution and focal length). Our service includes the realization of orthophotographies georeferenced by GNSS RTK centimetric for a direct use in your Geographical Information System (GIS) through the Digital Surface Models (MNS), extraction of contour lines, slopes, shading , calculation of extraction volumes, etc..